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How often do you stop to look around at all the belongings you have in your home? Until you start the moving process, you might not realize exactly how much there is. Henlee Senior Relocation Solutions offers packing services. We have a Tyler location which also serves the surrounding East Texas area and we also have a Plano location serving the Dallas DFW area. We are fully licensed to travel State to State for all of your relocation needs.

We are affiliated with a moving company and can connect you with the right movers for you, schedule their services and make sure everything gets delivered or stored properly. We work with the same movers all the time so we know and trust them. You need a mover you can trust with your important belongings and heirlooms.

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We’ll be there for every step

of the process

Get the help you need with packing and unpacking services when you’re downsizing or moving. We’ll take care of:

  • Scheduling movers

  • Arranging storage

  • Packing belongings

  • Unloading items

  • Setting up your new home

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